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Company Profile

Hues play a major role across the industrial landscape and are considered nothing short of an essential commodity, and the same has prompted the development of variants suited for dyeing materials such as fabrics, paper and polymers. With the goal of providing a more effective iteration of pigments that can excel at their utility, Pink Rose Pigments Pvt. Ltd. offers an eclectic range of colored pigments and textile auxiliaries, known for their peerless efficacy and are widely used in the paper, ink and paint industry.

Based in Ahmedabad region of Gujarat with a hefty industrial experience of more than three decades at our disposal, we deal in the aforementioned category of products that include, but are not limited to, Roselene Pigment Emulsion, Rosenon Vat Dispersion, Fluorescent Pigment Emulsion and Textile Auxiliaries, in addition to a host of others.

Range of Products

Pink Rose Pigments Pvt. Ltd.
offers an expansive range of pigments and dyes available in a wide spectrum of hues, suited for a host of materials such as paper and fabrics. Mentioned below is a entire gamut of products we offer :

Fluorescent Pigment Emulsion

Roselene Pigment Emulsion

Daylight Fluorescent Pigment Emulsion

Rosenon VAT Paste

Shiny Yellow Pigment

Yellow EF10G

Yellow Pigment

VAT Yellow GCN

Floro Yellow Pigment

Yellow PR2G

Orange Pigment

VAT Golden Yellow GOK

Bright Orange Pigment

G.Yellow PRRM

Blue Pigment


Highlighted Pink Pigment

Orange PRG

Bright Blue Pigment

VAT Blue 4B

Vibrant Blue Pigment

Orange EF5G

Violet Pigment

VAT Blue 4G

Parrot Green Pigment


Yellow Pigment

VAT Violet 2R

Bright Blue Pigment


Pink Pigment

VAT Grey 3B

Knockout Pink Pigment

Rubine PRB

Green Pigment


Neon Violet Pigment

Bordeaux PRB

Knockout Pink Pigment

VAT Orange RF

Radiant Orange

Pink PRB

Pigment Powder

VAT Pink R

VAT Liquid

Red Violet PBR

Yellow 1

VAT Red Violet RRN

VAT Yellow -2

Violet PRR

Yellow 12

VAT Pink N3B

VAT Yellow Mixing Tone

Green PRG

Orange 13

VAT Scarlet GGN

VAT Orange -5

Green PR2G

Green 7

VAT Black BG

VAT Red -1

Brown PRP

Blue 15

Pigment Paste

VAT Violet -1

Blue PRB

Blue 15:1

Pigment Yellow

VAT Violet -3

Navy Blue PRB

Violet 3

Pigment G Yellow

VAT Green -1

Turq. Blue PRB

Red 8

Pigment Orange

VAT Blue -5

Black PRG

Red 122

Pigment Red

VAT Brown -5

Black PRNG

Violet 19

Pigment Alfa Blue

VAT Black -7

Pre- Treatment Textile Auxiliaries

Red 31

Pigment Beta Blue

VAT Black -16

Enzyme for Desizing

Red 32

Pigment Turquish Blue

Textile Inks

Scouring cum Wetting Agent

Red 210

Pigment Green

Cotton Khadi

Bio-Polishing agent

Yellow 2G

Pigment Voilet

Carbonize Khadi

Soda Ash Liquid

Orange G

Pigment Black G

White Ink

Soaping and Dispersing Agent

Red Violet

Pigment Navy Blue

Polyester Khadi


Printing Textile Auxiliaries

Pigment Black NG

Stretch Khadi

Leveling Agent and Dispersing Agent

Anionic Anti migrating and air gap remover

Pigment Navy Blue

Textile Binders

Deforming Agent

For Loop Accelator

Pigment Black NG


Textile Printing Thickner

For DENIM Discharge

Pigment Rubine


Synthetic Thickener For Textile Printing

Carbonized Khadi

Pigment Pink


Textile Printing Thickener

Cotton Khadi

Pigment Red Voilet

Jari Binder

Reactive Thickener

Polyester Khadi

Pigment Bordaux

Gold Binder

Acrylic Thickener For Textile Printing

Stretchable Khadi

Pigment Brown

Finishing Textile Auxiliaries

Thickener for Porcien Printing

Cationic Softener

Di-fixing Agent for Direct and Reactive dyeing

Micro Amino Silicon Emulsion

Non-ionic Emulsion

Wax Emulsion in Milky Form

Peach Finish

Body Filler and Stiffener

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Nature of Business

Manufacturer Exporter and Supplier

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Monthly Production Capacity

50 metric tonnes

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Export Market

San Marino

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